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Melody VIllarreal asked 1 month ago

Hello and Shalum, I read the Scripture-verses you posted and have more of a comment than an actual question, nevertheless important.  My Besorah Yahusha Natsarim Version (Translated from Paleo Hebrew into English for non Hebrew-speakers too). Torah Institute sells them for around $25.00, money well-spent! Your version says this: \\\”1 Peter 4:16: But if one suffers being Natsarim, let him not be ashamed, but let him esteem Elohim in this matter..\\\”    When Lou White put the Besorah together, he put the books that remained in the Sapar Turah back in order, and did the same for the Renewed Covenant.  He also put the original names, Yahuah and His Son Yahusha, as well as many other words, back to Paleo Hebrew.  All Mr. White did was remove the vowel-distortions/cantillations from the Masoretic Text (i.e., put it back to its form before the Masoretes changed it circa 800 B.C.).  It\\\’s very difficult to try and navigate through thousands of years of mistranslations, which water-down the true words.  Thank you, M. Villarreal My Besorah Natsarim says this: 1 Kapa (Peter) 4:16  \\\”For do not let any of you feel wretched as a former murderer, or thief, or doer of evil, or as a meddler, or a Christianos, let him not be distressed, but let him esteem Aluhim in this matter.\\\” The word Christianos comes from the Greek language, and was a derogatory term originating from the root-word \\\”Cretin,\\\” which is defined as: \\\” cre•tin krēt′n ► n. A person afflicted with cretinism. n. A person considered to be foolish or unintelligent. n. One of a numerous class of deformed idiots found in certain valleys of the Alps and elsewhere; one afflicted with cretinism.  I know that people today consider themselves to be \\\”Proud Christians,\\\”  but they are only following what their ancestors taught them.