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Zimrat Bat Amuligana asked 1 month ago

Shalum Aluhim Yahuah, (May it be well with you in the name of Yahuah, First of all, I want to thank you for caring about witnessing The Way of Yahuah and Turah for all of humanity to hear, if they will listen.  It must be very busy times for you and your ashah (wife).  I pray that this difficult time we as a nation are going through has not adversely affected your publishing of The Turah.   I am a talmud (pupil) of  Safar Turah, both Old Covenant and Renewed Covenant respectively, and I have been a Natsar-I\\\’Brit (singular for Natsar\\\’im Hebrew) for 7 years.  I specialize in the study of forensic Paleography, all Semitic language, or Semitic Abjads, as they are called in modern terms.  My question is related to the current writings and language you are using on your web-page.  Are you aware the language you are using, called Modern Sephardic-Hebrew, is actually Aramaic, and NOT Hebrew?  Many scholars and Biblical Archaeologists have unearthed much proof to attest to the Paleo Hebrew (Middle Years) as the one true Ibrit (Hebrew)?     I have gone through thousands of abjads, and even some Sumerian, which is related, and I am not a master by any means, but I do have basic knowledge of various languages.  Granted, Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek were used simultaneously during Messiah\\\’s time, as well as Latin (Rome), and the Dead Sea Scrolls were written in 3 languages.  So It\\\’s not to say that other languages were not used, but if you will look at this link I think you will see what I am talking about (i.e., going back 400 years ago, there was no letter \\\”J, not even in English. Paleo Hebrew contains no letter J, V, W, I, E, or O.    Here is a link and I look forward to hearing from you, blessings and truth (Baruch \\\’y Amat) ! Sincerely, Zimrat (Melody)