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Since I put this page up and design the shirts and accessories in the shop, I thought you might like to know a little about me.  Please for give the grammar mistakes…I didn’t let my wife proof read it.

My journey into the Scriptures truly started only a few years ago.  I grew up Southern Baptist in a small town where my Grandfather was the preacher at the First Baptist Church. So you can imagine every day the doors were open we were there.

During my childhood, I learned a lot about the Bible and Jesus and why He died and how we are supposed to live, but I never really felt like I was getting the whole picture.  My Grandfather and Grandmother taught me almost every story in the Bible and they seemed make sense, but as I grew up I began to find more questions than answers. There were too many things that didn’t add up for me.

My Grandfather was a wonderful man, who I know loved Yahuah and Yahushuah.  The Torah was written on his heart without a doubt even though he didn’t realize some of the truths I have found recently.  I wish he was still here so I could discuss them with him, but he passed away several years ago. However, his teachings and discipleship is what allowed me to be drawn back into where I am now.  He gave me the foundation for Yahushuah to guide me back to His truth.

When I started high school I was getting caught up in many of the new age teachings as were many of my friends.  We were messing around with magic, the occult, and drugs.  I was still looking for that missing part I hadn’t found in church. I never turned my back on or stopped believing in Yahuah (God), but I definitely took a vacation from Him for a while.  I didn’t trust what I had been taught because it didn’t seem to make sense to me.  I even ended up having friends who were proclaimed satan worshipers and took the time to read the satanic bible myself.  If you haven’t read it…don’t bother.  I was looking for answers, and unfortunately in all the wrong places.

After being in the military, getting married, and have a couple of kids, my wife and I started getting back into church thanks to my step-daughter’s best friend’s parents.  We started going to church and enjoying the worship and friends and really felt the Set-apart Spirit (Holy Spirit) start to move in us, but after moving and having to find a new church this feeling started to dwindle.

My mother introduced us to the Hebrew Roots movement, but I didn’t really want to have anything to do with it.  Why would I celebrate Jewish festivals and follow the laws of the Old Testament?  Jesus did away with all of those by dying for my sins on the cross, right?  Why would I go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday, isn’t the real meaning of a Sabbath to rest, well then as long as I rest on one of the 7 days of the week what difference does it make?

At first, I pushed it all aside and kept going to my regular church and getting the warm fuzzy during the worship service.  My wife on the other hand was discussing the Hebrew Roots of the Scriptures with my mother.  I knew this, but didn’t think much of it.

One day my wife went to a Hebrew Roots group study near our house.  As my wife was about to leave the lady hosting the study told my wife to hang on a moment she had something for her husband (me). She gave my wife a copy of Fossilized Customs by Lew White for me to read.  At this time neither of us knew about Lew White and the book was a little conspiracy theory looking (back when it had the black cover).

My wife gave me the book when she came home and I told her thanks and put it aside.  A couple of days later I picked it up and read a few of the pages.   Well, being a little bit of a conspiracy nut the topics caught my attention.  I began reading, now I already knew Christmas and Easter were derived from pagan holidays, but since we were doing them to worship Yahuah, then I figured it was alright. I have never been more mistaken in my life.  The more I read, the more I saw how Yahuah does NOT want us using any pagan elements to worship Him nor have anything to do with them, period.

It was amazing how quickly my view of everything thing I thought I knew changed.  How my eyes were opened to the lies we have been told our whole lives.  I didn’t agree with everything in the book (90% of it is dead on though), but it showed me what I had missed during all those years in church.  It started to fill in the gaps.  Now I was hooked. I had to find out more.

I ordered the Scriptures from Lew’s website because it puts the Name back into the Scriptures, which makes a huge difference in the meaning.  Who knew God had a Name? I was never told it in church.  Then we started watching Michael Rood and Arthur Bailey every Sabbath.  We actually started setting the Sabbath apart, as well as the Festivals.  We stopped taking part in Easter, Christmas, and Halloween, which didn’t set well with my extended family and is a lot more difficult to do than you might think.  We began to see the True Besorah (gospel) of Yahushuah and what He was really saying in the Scriptures.  Yes, everything about loving God and one another is true, but do you know where this comes from and do you know what it hangs on?  The Torah, the Old Testament.  The New Testament is a re-teaching of the Old Testament to the Jews and the gentiles because they had fallen so far away from the true teachings of Yahuah through Judaism and pagan worship.  Nothing has changed, not one jot or tittle. Paul actually makes sense!!

I am thankful my mother and wife started down this path and then brought me along with them.  I am so glad the Set-apart Spirit guided the lady at the study group to give my wife Lew’s book, and I am so thankful Lew took the time to write it.  I am also thankful for my Grandparents, who didn’t have the whole picture, but they had the love and patience of Yahushuah to teach me and my brother the way we should grow up.

I am still not perfect, but my journey out of Babylon has begun and I don’t EVER WANT TO GO BACK!!


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