Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, nor be discouraged, for Yahuah your Elohim is with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:9

The Natsarim

We are the Watchmen, The Natsarim, as spoken of in the Prophets (Old Testament) and Brit Hadasaha (New Testament). The first followers of Yahusha were known of as a sect called the Natsarim. They were not accepted by the teachers of Judaism nor the early Christian church.

The Way

From the beginning, those of the WAY have walked on a narrow straight PATH. Walking in the way has always meant a singular thing: to obey Torah, the instructions of Yahuah. Let’s look at how Yahuah longs for His Torah to be in our hearts. The Natsarim follow the WAY.

Torah Today

Is the Torah of Yahuah still relevant today? Is it still in affect or did it pass away? Was it nailed to the cross? No, the Torah is forever, without a jot or tittle passing away until there is no Earth or Heavens. Yahushua followed the Torah as did the Apostles and Paul. Obeying sets us apart.


Learn more about The Way and the expectations of Yahuah for your life. These sites listed here will help you to understand the Truth between what Yahuah has instructed us in His Torah and the traditions of men we were taught since childhood. He wants His Torah written on your heart.